Roc Pazzo iPhone game

Adam Reed Today we are going to share some development background on our new iPhone game Roc Pazzo, which should be in the app store soon.

The name comes from the spaghetti western backdrop for the game, it is a (mis)translation of “mad rock” in Italian. The game is set with a spaghetti western version of the wild west. The studio is working on some other projects set in this world (the bandit character “Pazzo” is in these as a secondary character).

Roc Pazzo Character pose

Here are some images depicting 3D game asset developments, specifically the cacti that are on the main mesa.

Cactus model texture sheet

Here are some artwork comparisons of high poly and low poly cacti models

Low poly cacti

High poly cacti

Low poly cacti render

High poly cacti render

You can watch the trailer here:

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