The True Story of How We Came Up With Our New Project

James DowellThis morning, Adam (Walker, that is) came in to work bright and early to find the door already unlocked and swinging in the breeze. Thoughts immediately turned to burglary, but nothing seemed to be missing. While checking on the whereabouts of the office silverware, however, he came across Adam (Reed, now), surrounded by piles of iPhones and engrossed in a frenzy of sleep-coding.

The Somnambulistic Typings of a Lunatic

Knowing never to wake a sleep-coder as the shock could prove fatal (and as laws regarding payment for unintentional or subconscious work are hazy at best), Adam let the man continue…

Soon afterwards, Aldrich arrived and, sensing opportunity, sketched down a few ideas. A little IP here, a little inspiration from there. Satisfied, he hopped into the AWS time-machine and (in quite a roundabout way that involved engaging in at least a few wacky hijinks [typical dinosaur/Hitler/altering-the-course-of-history-while-avoiding-his-past-self-type adventures) showed past-Adam (Reed again) what he’d come up with, spurring the creative juices into action.

Menu Designs

Environment Designs

Early UI Concept

Back in the present (which is now technically another past), the code on the screen changed a little, but no-one noticed this, as Adam (Reed) was still deep in a code-trance, and Adam (Walker) was out buying new silverware (it turned out that burglars had actually gotten in after all, taking advantage of the unlocked door and working around the sleeping typer.)

Eppie, sensing danger of a time-space-continuum nature that must be averted, bit Adam (Reed [Also Walker, but that was just because he was totally asking for it (and Aldrich, too. She was just in a bitey mood, really)]), waking him up.

After thoroughly cleaning, disinfecting and bandaging their dog bites, the boys gathered around Adam’s monitor to see what it all meant.

The Results...

Coming soon to an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad near you…

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