Introducing AWF’s newest crew member!

Aldrich Tangpos Just when you thought the AWF crew couldn’t get any crazier, we have found a kindred spirit to join us. But just one difference, she’s a she. And her name is Eppie. Adam explains, that when he first meet her, he realised the potential she had for the team even though she was a bit young. She is bright, fun and witty, all things the crew was seriously lacking. And when I first meet her I thought she was epic-ly cute, she has so much energy, it is always hard to keep up, and the quality of her hair is just mesmerising…

Oh, did I mention she’s a puppy? 😛

She’s only a few weeks old, so she’s very playful around the office. Check out these photos of the antics she gets up to in the office:

Her name is Eppie and she's very cute

Eppie didn't care what was tied to this string

Facebook Pose

Oh… you want to fight? Just try it punk.

Little did you know she carries weapons in this bag

Eppie enjoying Lil Adams company

Making the move on Lil’ Adam … apparently he has some tasty shoes hidden somewhere!

My turn to pat her....but it came at a cost

One of her jobs… biting clients that owe money.

Even Dogs need their facebook fix

Doing some serious studio work.

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